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This section contains several articles and papers written by Mickley & Associates. By clicking on a particular title below, you will be able to view a few pages of the article or paper. If you wish to view the entire file you need to obtain a password from us. Use the e-mail button below and provide us with some information about yourself and your area of interest and we will assign a password for your use. More papers will be added soon.

TOPICS and articles/papers available:

Concentrate Disposal. The disposal of membrane and thermal process concentrates or backwash waste is an important consideration in the planning, designing, and operating of desalination plants. Our substantial work in this area is reflected in several writings under this and other topics below.

Environmental Considerations for The Disposal of Desalination Concentrates

Desalination. The development of lower quality water resources is necessary in today's world of fixed fresh water resources and growing populations. This section contains articles of a more general nature.

Promoting the Benefits of Membrane Produced Drinking Water

Usefulness of Networking in Membrane Plant Design and Operation

Environment. Our planet is being stressed to the limit by our actions involving the technologies we have created and indiscriminately used. This section will contain articles focusing on different environmental challenges.

Membranes. Membrane technology has become increasingly important in the treatment of water and wastewaters. Our extensive background in this area is reflected in many of the articles provided. This section will contain writings on more fundamental membrane topics.

New Science. This area deals with concepts and ideas that have not been readily accepted into mainstream science. The topics are frequently controversial, nevertheless, we feel, important.

Investigation of New Science: Water

The Relationship between Metaphysics and Science and the Resulting Implications

New Technology. As reflected by the previous topic, M&A is familiar with science and technology at all stages of research and development: new science, new technology, leading edge technology, and conventional technology. In this section, we will highlight selected new technologies that are not well known to the general users of treatment technology.

Water. Water is the lifeblood of the planet. This section will contain articles of a more general nature.

Water Reuse. Much of the potable water produced is going to non-potable applications. Water reuse and recycle are water management tools that are growing in importance and use. This section contains a background article describing the present status of the reuse industry.

Background Paper on Water Reuse

Zero Discharge. It is becoming increasingly difficult to dispose of many process waste streams. A relatively expensive option, but one finding more frequent application, is that of zero liquid discharge where all liquid streams are treated and/or recycled or reused with no liquid effluent leaving the plant boundary. Our work with thermal desalination technologies will be highlighted in this section.

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