Who Should Consider Hiring M&A?
If you have questions about:

  • appropriate technology,
  • technical, economical, and practical feasibility,
  • process waste treatment, disposal or reuse,
  • environmental evaluations

or want an independent consultant to review design work, you should consider working with M&A.

What Distinguishes M&A From Other Companies Dealing With Water and Wastewater Technologies?

First, it is an unusual blend of science and engineering which provides a unique and proven:

  1. Ability to solve problems
  2. Familiarity with conventional, leading-edge, and new processing technology
  3. Ability to analyze, synthesize, and communicate information

Our strong research and development capabilities combined with engineering skills have proven attractive for clients considering:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Evaluation and selection of processing alternatives
  • Process research and development
  • Lab-scale, bench-scale, and pilot performance studies associated with evaluation, demonstration, and scale-up
  • Membrane and process technology
  • Environmental assessments and evaluations
  • Industry surveys
  • Waste recycling, reuse, and disposal
  • NPDES permitting
  • Master planning of technical projects
  • Technical problem solving through study, testing, and analysis

Second, it is our experience in working with all sides of technical challenges and issues. We have worked with and been funded by:

  • Industry
    • Industrial processing companies
    • Equipment manufacturers
    • Industry research organizations
  • Government
    • Federal agencies (DOE, USDA, NSF, USEPA, DOI, etc.)
    • State regulatory agencies
  • Utilities

We have addressed technical challenges from these different perspectives and have defined and written about technical issues from multiple viewpoints. Our awareness of the 'big picture' is a benefit to clients.

Third, if you have a need in the area of desalination concentrate/backwash disposal, we have developed a unique expertise.
We have international visibility in this growing area of concern and are a leading player in the definition, study, research, presentation, and resolution of disposal issues. This includes assisting utilities in addressing NPDES permitting challenges.

Fourth, we have relatively low operating costs and offer cost-effective services.
We utilize other associates for their particular areas of expertise when appropriate. We are thus an association of consulting scientists and engineers with decades of experience in water, wastewater, and environmental areas. We do not support a national organization, an advertising and marketing staff, or executive salaries, and thus have relatively low operating and overhead costs which translate to cost savings for our clients.

The areas of service include:

  • Process Research
  • Process Development
  • Process Engineering
  • Consulting Services
  • Product Research and Development
  • Other Services
Process Research
We have conducted company-funded research and contract research for industrial and government clients at our own laboratory and at client's locations. This has included:
  • Laboratory research
  • Problem-oriented studies
  • Characterization of feed and process waters
  • Performance characterization of candidate technologies
  • Lab-scale simulation of plant problems
  • Development of analytical techniques
  • Study of innovative technologies
  • Use of experimental design and statistical analysis techniques
  • Computer modeling/simulation and optimization
  • Information and literature searches and retrieval
  • Equipment testing programs

Our performance of in-depth, problem-oriented research prior to and in conjunction with process development frequently saves time, money, and aggravation at the development stage.

Process Development
We have conducted contract process development for industrial and government clients. The process development work usually falls into two categories.

  • New technology development: development and testing of prototype and commercially non-available processes and processing schemes to meet general areas of need.
  • Screening of existing, commercially available technologies to define technical and economical processing schemes for a site-specific need.

Process Engineering and Design
For many projects, client work is initiated at this level where efforts involve the incorporation of proven technologies and processes into site-specific applications. In other cases, work at this level represents an evolution of our process development work into pilot and demonstration phases.

A. Feasibility studies, preliminary and conceptual designs, cost estimates, and pilot studies usually resulting in a single preferred processing scheme

B. Detailed design, cost estimates and specification

C. Final detailed engineering, bid cycle, procurement, permitting, construction, installation and startup services, including operating training. In various areas under items B and C, we augment our staff with associates and outside firms who have extensive experience with detailed design and final engineering efforts.

Consulting Services
These services have included:

  • Technical and economical evaluation, including feasibility studies, assessments, analysis of disposal and permitting options
  • Problem solving, troubleshooting, and maintenance
  • Diagnosis of membrane system performance problems, from analysis of operating records to membrane autopsy
  • Retrofits and modifications
  • Compliance audits, pollution prevention, and reduction studies
  • Information searches and retrieval
  • Planning for new business development
  • Project scoping, cost estimating, budgeting and planning
  • Project engineering
  • Project and program management

Product Research and Development
Some efforts have been product-oriented rather than process-oriented. These include efforts funded by industrial and government clients, as well as by company funds. Products we have been involved with include the following:

  • Plasmaphoresis membrane device
  • Artificial kidney membrane device
  • Membrane device for ion chromatography
  • New solvent system for cellulosic membranes
  • Quality control tests for membrane device manufacture
  • Surface modified membranes, mats, and fibers.
Other services
We have performed other technical services that have included:
  • Surface modification of polymeric materials (chemical grafting, photografting, plasma, and other techniques)
  • Due diligence evaluations of companies
  • Market research and analysis
  • Workshop and seminar planning and presentations
  • Technical writing
  • Proposal writing
  • Water quality studies and analyses
  • Expert testimony

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